of Mind
Guiding LightEmpoweredCompass
Telehealth ConsultationHome VisitComprehensive Dementia AssessmentOnline Caregiver Education & Coaching Platform
/ In-person
Virtual Platform
In-home Assessment Visit
Cognitive/Perceptual Screen
Personalised Care Plan
Total Number of Contacts11312 self-paced educational modules with weekly group coaching sessions

Client co-pay per service package (2022)

of Mind
Guiding Light EmpoweredCompass
HIPNo Coverage Available$180*$395$680*Coming Soon!
Futurecare$35 per contact,
12 contacts per year
GEHI$41 per contact,
12 contacts per year
Argus$75 per contact,
12 contacts per year
BF&M$500 for initial assessment, $85/hr for follow up visits upto $2885Covered 100% Covered 100% $180*
CG$75-85 per contact,
20 contacts per year

**Funding available for those in financial need offered by our partners at the Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia Charity #929**