Friends of Hospice

NorthStar Family! Did you know that our partners at Friends of Hospice are starting a dementia day care program (1 day per week) in February?

* The programme will be run every Monday (except holidays) from 10 am-3 pm at Agape House for 6 months (on KEMH campus).

* It is facilitated by a Music Therapist, Emily Sousa

* It is FREE of charge to participants

* There will be 5 participants in the program

* Safe key required to participate

* Structured programming provided, as well as lunch and snacks. We also try and plan a structured outing each ¼ as well.

* Transportation can be arranged to and from the program, by Agape House volunteers.

* The program is designed so that participants can attend without their carer, providing a window of respite for caregivers.

* At this time, FOH are able to support high functioning individuals with mild to moderate levels of dementia. We have a nurses aid that will be present to assist with toileting, movement, etc. if necessary. However, we would be unable to support someone who is a flight risk or has aggressive behaviours at this time.

Email or call 232-0859 for more information and next steps to determine if a space is available and suitable for your loved one.